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Hello, welcome to my cyberworld︎

✶ Les Points Zurich Speedparade Compilation which includes my track, is out today via Bandcamp & P2P networks.  
Some words from the curator, Nicola Kazimir, who is not only a great DJ but one of the realest creative intellectual around x

" So a week ago we had this idea to do a compilation for our favorite party of the year - curating, gathering, designing this within a week was a great experience and I couldn't be happier to showcase so many talents. It turned out so great, my god the tracks you have sent us, a massive thanks to everyone. I contributed 3 tracks as NK, E. S. P. and Les Points each (last two with Walid). It's free and distributed via P2P networks (torrent magnet link is on Bandcamp) as releasing electronic music totally lost the means of distribution and this is a symbolic gesture of what could have been if we didn't go for convinience and didn't treat music distribution as splintered cells.
We really wanted to emulate those promising Web 1.0 times, so we used tools from 2000 to create the nfo, artworks and read me files and packed it together like a real scene release (pirate slang). Its totally worth to download seed it via torrent or slsk to get the full experience"

✶ Interstellaria Records 💿
Release date 17th June 2022


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